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Frequently Asked Questions

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I'm a Buyer

Questions for those who want to buy in the Ingresso Prático

Totally safe. It takes just a few clicks on your computer, at home or at work, any time of the day or night to have your ticket in hand.
The Ingresso Prático website is secure, and we preserve your personal data. All data filled in the registration form are transmitted in a safe mode, where all information is encrypted and only our server can interpret it.
On the website or points of sale.
Site: Choose the ticket you want to buy, register, define the delivery method, load your virtual wallet or pay with a credit card. View all the data before finalizing your purchase, then you will receive your ticket by email.
Points of sale: Go to one of the points of sale nearest you. To obtain information on points of sale, simply access the point of sale option at the bottom of the site.
Yes, you need to register to make any purchase. Registration is simple and easy. Ingresso Prático does not reveal your data to anyone under any circumstances.
Payment can be made by credit card or virtual wallet, which must be charged.
You can top up your virtual wallet through: Multicaixa, Recargas, or Internet Banking.

1. Select the "Payments" option,
2. Select the "Next screen" option,
3. Select the option "Online Shopping",
4. Enter your customer number (this number is automatically generated when you register): 000 000 XXX,
5. Enter the amount you want to top up,
6. Confirm your top-up.

Buy your top-up at any of the points of sale or at one of the authorized agents.

1. Select the "Service Payments" option,
2. Enter the Entity number (00669),
3. Insert the Reference number (This number is automatically generated when registering): 000 000 XXX,
4. Enter the amount you want to top up,
5. Confirm your upload.
We advise you to charge more than the ticket price, so you avoid traveling several times. Your remaining balance will always be available in your account and will not suffer any kind of discount, so you can buy other tickets at any time, day, and/or year.
The ticket is sent by email.
You must look for the Ingresso Prático counter and present an original photo ID and ticket in order to be validated.
None. Ingresso Prático is just a sales channel hired by event organizers and producers to manage, validate and control tickets. The companies or persons responsible for the events are duly identified on our website. Suggestions and complaints about the event should be made directly with those responsible for the event.
Yes, but you must present the purchase invoice and a simple copy of your identity document.
Yes, everyone must be in your company, tickets will be validated at once, partial tickets will not be validated.
Ticket exchanges and returns are not accepted.
Yes, within a maximum of 5 days. However, the amount will be refunded to your virtual account.
No. Once you have registered, you will have your e-mail address, password, and customer number. Just enter your data into the system once, and all details will be added automatically to your purchase order.

I'm an Organizer

Questions for those who want to promote in the Ingresso Prático

The value of tickets sold will be transferred in full three business days after the end of the event by bank transfer.
Our service is free for free events, and 10% is charged for all paid events.
Just fill out the form “create your event” inserting the data of the event promoter, event data, and general definitions.
The buyer makes the payment through the virtual wallet that can be loaded by Multicaixa, internet banking, and multicaixa express.
Just contact us by email or phone and request a cancellation. However, if there is any sale, the percentage of sale will be charged and the promoter is responsible for paying the buyer's difference. If the promoter is not responsible, he will be banned from using our platforms in the future.
We analyze all events before they are published on our platforms to avoid any kind of fraud, fraud, violation or prejudice against race, creed, or sexual gender.
Yes, after registering the event, we provide the link to the promoter to share wherever you want.
You can do access control from our app, just download it on google play. Or hire our team.
When it runs out or when the promoter requests closing sales.
When holding an event, it is important to respect the seating rules established by the space where the event will take place. Most spaces already have the number of people stipulated for maximum capacity of the event. If there is any overcrowding, it is the responsibility of the promoter of the event.