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What the public expects of your event

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Entertainment, culture, fun, special moments and good music! These are some of the things that every person who goes to an event expects. But in addition, those who go to such a production require a great experience in a complete way. This means that the organizer should provide a good means of acquiring tickets, fair prices, a suitable venue, security, quality services, supply of drinks (and sometimes even food) and, of course, sound quality.

Do you know how to please the public? What does he really expect of an event and how can the organizer provide that? Enough of doubts! For a successful event you have to meet the following expectations:

Have a great cost benefit

The price charged is decisive for the presence of the public. Try to maintain the quality of the event without raising tickets to exorbitant amounts or making them very cheap, which creates mistrust about production services. The ideal is a value compatible with that practiced by the market in similar events. Offer the best services and the best public attractions at a fair price and count on the sponsors to expand the event budget.

# Tip-up: make the tickets available online. This gives you convenience to the audience, enhances their experience of the event and can have better sales management.

 Being in a suitable, accessible and enjoyable place

The place is the foundation and also essential for people to decide whether or not to go to the event. Watch out for this item as it will define parts of the planning. Search and check all aspects of the chosen space: lighting, decoration possibilities, acoustics, emergency exits, bathrooms, entrance and exit door, risk areas, among other important points. Define the concept of the production and the profile of the attractions that will present themselves in the event to define the personality and the dimension that the place should have. Think about how many artists will attend the event and the size of the audience that will be present. Also, take into account whether the location is suitable for the type and amount of equipment that will be used, whether the area is easily accessible and whether the lighting and sound teams have approved the choice.

Obviously, your audience will demand that you fulfill your promise: to offer an interesting attraction and sound quality! In the case of a musical event outline how the repertoire will be presented. In case of minor events or djs, the materials can be in smaller quantity if compared to a large production. For the latter category, concerns increase. Some artists and bands change clothes, add instruments according to the music and give space for the public to ask for "bis". Foresee these aspects and assemble the schedule accordingly. Musical performances should be lively and creative, well presented to the public and uncomplicated for solo bands and artists.

It is mandatory the presence of the sound and light team in the tests and indispensable that it be trained for adverse situations. Solving unforeseen events and not interfering with the progress of the show is fundamental. In the soundtrack, do not be afraid to exaggerate the details: it's best to correct the mistakes as soon as possible rather than fail during the event. Another essential aspect is to check the equipment and technical equipment in advance: check the features and provide backup equipment.

 Know every detail

Your audience needs to have all the information about the event. Such as: date, time, place, ticket price, drinks and food available, ways of acquiring tickets and contact. If there is an error in some of this information, there is an unnecessary noise in the communication that will harm the presence of the people in the event. Be transparent and do not forget to advertise on the right channels! The public is demanding, after all, it pays for something that hopes to be an investment in fun and culture. Provide what he expects of an event and receive in return much success in his career.

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