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What do they have in common?

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You may never have heard their names, but you won't run away from these new celebrities for a long time. Trend or not, the reality is that Youtubers (video creators through the Youtube platform) are here to stay! In general, they make videos that basically talk about behavior, bullying, heartbreak, jokes, everyday situations, all with a hint of humor and sarcasm.

With a natural drive, visualizations plummet, generate brands, dances, styles, phrases and create a legion of followers and admirers. In Angola it has not been different, from the most hidden to the most daring, from the cheapest production to the most expensive production, even with all the adversities and prejudices the Angolans have shown that it is possible to “Yobetalizar”, including leaving the screen for the Stage and maintaining the same credibility, such as the Liambilson Show event that was overcrowded and with more than 250 people.

                                                                                                                                                What do they have in common?

They are young, dynamic, opinion makers, who interact almost daily with their readers and get an immediate response. They are Creators, believe me! Its faithful admirers are also young people and teenagers, fully connected and who do not think twice about liking, commenting, and sharing the videos.

But beware! It is not just for fun that they live. After all, everything involves costs and there must be a return. Today, many Youtubers have launched books, DVDs, advertising campaigns, films, are ambassadors and representatives of internationally known brands. Thus, as in many countries Youtubers receive royalties (payment) for video views, that is, they are paid for the fact that people view their videos, a pity that in Angola this does not yet happen.

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