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Main qualities of an event promoter

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To be an event organizer requires a lot of work and dedication. Have you noticed that behind every seminar, congress, show, festival, and any production there is a professional team that strives for them to happen?

There are suppliers, attractions, cleaning and security staff, assembly staff, receptionists and other contractors who vary according to the type of event. And the organizer is in charge! The event organizer - also known as producer - is the one who coordinates, manages, plans, captures, promotes, realizes, manages resources and provides specialized services for events to happen. A team well coordinated by this professional is able to ensure that everything happens as desired.

The event production routine goes beyond having a checklist and going after each item. Linked to this, the organizer has several challenges and needs to develop some essential qualities:

Keeping constantly updated

The more qualified the professional, the more sought after and well paid he will be (there are already several short courses with a focus on different events productions so that the professional can train even more). So talk to a lot of people in the area, find out about the trends, go to lectures, conferences and courses. Having knowledge helps to put good ideas into practice and even to be more creative. Even if the organizer is good, we must always improve.

To be organized

The event planner handles lots of people and has many things to do. For this reason, it can not rely solely on memory. Everything needs to be annotated and archived, in physical and virtual environment. This organization includes all checklists, contracts, budgets, budgets, among others.

Working with the hiring of various services and each new production having to go after the items on a large list, require the professional to be meticulous in ordering things. Over time, the organization becomes part of the routine and becomes a natural action.

To know how to negotiate

Producing events also means hiring different services so that the occasion is special and complete for the public. The organizer, from the check-list according to the type of event, will disburse so that space, staff, equipment in general, food and drinks and other items are ready on the big day. But it is very important that you do a previous research regarding the values ​​of each company - after all, it is common for the organizer to work with a limited budget. At this point, knowing how to negotiate is an essential characteristic of the producer, besides being a challenge (adjusting prices in a negotiation requires good arguments).

It is important that the organizer look for good suppliers and keep in mind that what is more expensive is not always the best option. But if great service is available at an exacerbated value, do not be afraid to negotiate and ask for a price reduction. For this you can use several arguments such as recommending the contracted company, establish a partnership with it for upcoming productions, make it become a sponsor and have its brand disclosed, among other actions. Exercise your communication power to negotiate and not blow your budget!

Be able to adapt

As much as you plan and have control of everything, some unforeseen events may arise before and during the event. Therefore, the good professional must know how to deal with the problems and give them the best possible solution at that moment. The goal is to ensure that the public of each event is not harmed and, more than that, to be satisfied.

Leading with mastery

Knowing how to act when it comes to leadership is fundamental. The event planner is the captain of a great team and needs to designate the roles, but must let everyone involved fulfill it with certain freedom. Here, it's up to the producer to explain to the teams what the event will be like, what they expect from each other, what should happen and what should be avoided. Making the whole team feel part of the team is very important. This encourages the work to be done with excellence and mutual collaboration.

Provide the public with a great experience

Even if the organizer needs to please contractors and sponsors of your event, the focus should always be the audience. After all, it is he who guarantees the success of production, recommendations, spontaneous disclosure and, of course, the event itself.

To win your audience, start broadcasting the event and selling tickets. Make campaigns on social networks and optimize the shopping experience by adding convenience and speed by making your tickets available on the internet. Then organize the production input, the output of it and the output. And finally, collect feedback and respond to the new legion of fans of your events!

Each of these challenges is part of the event planner's day-to-day business and must be seen as one more step towards success. Remember, every challenge is an opportunity for your personal improvement.

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