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Irina Vasconcelos presents KAI

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Singer, composer, Irina Vasconcelos is undoubtedly one of the most recognized voices of rock, jazz and soul in the country. Born in Luanda, at the age of 32, he lives one of the best days of his life, with the arrival of his son. After a certain time away from the stage, Irina returns and introduces KAI.

KAI is a concert project, with several invited artists such as Zé Beato, Vladmiro Gonga, Filipe Mukenga and Gutto. Irina Vasconcelos began her career in 2008 as the singer of the Angolan rock band Café Negro. Received in 2014 the Group of the Year award at the Angola Music Awards. Simultaneously with his professional career, he participates in several social initiatives related to music, both in Angola and Sao Tome and Principe, Tanzania.

"Irina is cool, it is Alternative, it is peace, it is love, it is guereira, it is feminist, it breaks patterns. Irina is KAI, "says José Neto Andrade, a fan. (Buy your ticket now).

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