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Avoid queues at the entrance of your event

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Considering that we are in a very busy city with several events on weekends and beyond, one of the biggest headaches for Event Promoters is the efficient management of the huge and unorganized queues.

At the end of the day this fact turns out to be displeasing to everyone, because no one likes to waste a lot of time buying tickets to have access to an event, which worries the Promoters as the public may have negative image of the event.

We'll share with you below 4 basic, easy-to-implement tips so you can avoid queuing at the entrance to your event.

1. Allow early entry: crucial tip, especially for events where there is great public expectation and stocking potential. In these cases, a way to accelerate the queue flow, increase the level of security and satisfaction of the participants, is to open the portals hours before the start of activities.

2. Organize more than one ticket: another very important tip, is to divide the queues having more than one ticket counter for ticket sales or access control. It is worth emphasizing that all entries need to be intuitively flagged so that participants can know very clearly, where to enter and the actual size of each queue.

3. Have a prepared team: although it is a sometimes neglected aspect, it is very important that the team present at the door of the event can find the perfect balance between agility and kindness, and have enough information about the event in ways to meet all doubts and complaints in a professional manner.

4. Outsource the whole process: Ingresso Prático is the most complete platform for digital solutions for events such as ticketing, accreditation, and access control.

TICKET OFFICE: Platform that offers comfort and total convenience in the purchase of the tickets. From home or service, from your computer or phone, make it easy for your customers to buy one-click tickets.

CREDENTIATION: Ideal tool for identification and control of participants in events. With personalized identification, the customer knows precisely the number of people who are in the event and the information of each participant through bar code labels, which are placed in the pass of each participant. At the end of the event we provide a report.

ACCESS CONTROL: In the process of security and access control, we use the highest technology that verifies the veracity of the tickets or passes through collectors. The system ensures the validation of bar codes, entrance doors, the typology of tickets or passes, allowing easy control of situations of loss or falsification. In addition, it provides all the information recorded, being possible to have control of the number of people that are in the event.

In addition, Ingresso Prático also has a graphic and offers high quality products, first-line materials, record production time, unbeatable prices and the latest in the offset and digital printing market such as: Caps, Backdrops, Banners, Tickets, Posters, Roll up, Bracelets, T-shirts, Vinyl, Flyer, Gifts, Passes. etc. Already for the general public, all the inconveniences of access to events or even acquisition of tickets are exceeded, because through the online platform, users can purchase the tickets and receive directly by email.

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