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Advantages of Selling Tickets in Advance

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Can you predict the success of your event before it even happens?

Note that not necessarily you will sell more, but it will certainly sell with more insight and less risk. You'll have more time to take corrective action if things are not going well and you'll save more on your out-of-pocket investment if sales are higher than expected.

By selling more calmly, with confidence and focus, you can better organize yourself to understand the different channels of advertising and increase your sales over time, directing more efforts to the best results.

Why should I sell tickets online?

We have an answer for you and one for your audience: for you, it is synonymous with economy - both time and investment in ticket production. To your audience, it is an additional convenience that can provide them to ensure participation in your event in the comfort of home.

Do you know the behavior of the public that buys your tickets?

Producers who sell more know their audience very well: they know what texts and images to use, what attractions to bring, they know the best channels to exhaust their tickets quickly. Selling and optimizing the sale is directly linked to your ability to know and understand the public.

What have you done to improve your audience's understanding?

Something common that we identify in our relationship with producers, are events that sell everything last minute. Having tickets sold at the last minute can make it difficult to get a "buu" effect, since the time for corrective actions is very small. This may seem normal, but in most cases it is about lack of public awareness and planning.

Through a survey, we identified that there are three main reasons why a person buys in advance:

  • When you feel that there is a real possibility of the tickets being exhausted;
  • When the value of the tickets vary over time, ie when there is sale by lot;
  • When one likes to plan oneself.

The early sale process is known as "warm up the audience". When the base warms up well you can sell with more anticipation and find out if your advertising and publicity actions are working.

Have you noticed that there are events that run out in minutes?

This is for a single reason: the public already know about the opening of the inscriptions and the agenda of the event. Actions to warm up the base are, basically, publications that you do to inform the public. No expectation that you will sell today, but that you know will generate future sales.

There are basically three ways to warm up the basis:

1 . Make space between the beginning of the disclosure and the opening of sales:

Ever notice that you hardly see the release of an event and guarantee entry soon after? Giving space between the date of disclosure and the date of the sale is a great act to warm the public. Note that the vast majority of events that run out in minutes enjoy this practice.

2 . Strongly disclose the end of a batch:

Many event planners do not know the practice of batch selling. Most of the organizers make the ticket production based on the number of people they want at the event, which is a big mistake. Batch sale helps to reduce costs, especially the production of tickets. We could say that the batch sale is just like "Just in Time". That is, you only produce the necessary, and / or when there is requisition and sales.

To make it clearer, the batch sale is the change in the value of the ticket over time. As time goes by, tickets often run out before the event date, so event producers can sell new tickets with a starting price or higher. By strategy, event producers sell at a premium price to stimulate the purchase of the ticket and show just how much it is disputed.

This action will not generate big sales at the moment, but will communicate something to the customer like: "Tickets are flying! I need to guarantee my participation soon to not pay more expensive or worse: to be without ". Large end-of-lot disclosures usually increase the sale much before the end of the next batch.

3. Eliminate objections and concerns:

  • What are the fears your audience has to go to your event? Is it an event in the rainy season? Communicate that it will be in a covered place, or even how you should dress;
  • Does your event last for how many hours? Communicate the exact start time for no delays or unforeseen events;
  • Is the ticket per area? Communicate the right price, make the proper and correct separation at the venue, often the customers pay a certain amount and end up mingling with those who pay a lower value.

Try to map the objections of your audience and include this information in the act of publicizing the event. If it's a big objection, make it widely known to your audience. Try to anticipate doubts - so your sales will be greatly favored in the short or long term. Make it as if you were a store clerk explaining the customer's questions before even asking.

Does your event have landmark attractions? Do you have a proposal that catches your eye?

Having weight names is something that often costs dear, but it's not for nothing: they usually have a very great power of attracting people from a certain audience. If it fits in the budget, the investment is valid. Conceptual and creative novelties also have great power of attraction.


Is your event economically accessible to your audience?

Whenever possible, look for references in the marketplace of how much your audience is willing to pay through events with similar audiences. Having a viable price is a key factor to the success of your sales. Understanding it accurately will ease in the construction of your lot upset.

What benefits are you offering in your ads?

In social networking time, any contact you make with the audience is essential. You should try to reach people who like what you are offering and help them to buy in the best possible condition. Remember, to sell in advance, try to warm up, generate urgency and optimize each step so that the event flows in a professional manner. Organizing a consistent event with online ticketing allows you to plan, identify strategic mechanisms to drive sales, reduce costs, customer convenience, get better results, and avoid risks and headaches.

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