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Advantages of buying over the Internet

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The Internet, through the computer or mobile phone, is the starting point for the purchase of products and services. Convenience, diversity of supply and time savings are the trump cards won by shoppers on electronic platforms.

The use of new information technologies to optimize daily tasks, freeing time spent on activities of greater value and personal and family enrichment, is one of the achievements of recent years, where the Internet and mobile phones play a crucial role. Gaining time to go to a concert, play with the kids or just read a good book on the waterfront in the late afternoon is a luxury that only a few can afford.

But if you use the tools that were created to simplify the lives of citizens, especially when making purchases - fundamental for the proper functioning of any home - in relation to the State and in the execution of some services, you will see that this is a more Close to what you think. If you make an account of the time you spend to go to a supermarket or a mall to choose some products, limited to the times defined by the store, facing traffic, transport and often the crowd of buyers, will value more the possibility of having a Positive experience of buying without leaving home or office, choosing products calmly, comparing them, paying them and then receiving them comfortably at home or even by email. Of course there will still be room for purchase in physical stores, but it is better to book these purchases for specialty products than for routine purchases, where there is no added value to being made directly instead of using e-commerce.

The trend to embrace electronic means of purchase is global, but more developed in countries where the sophistication of stores and supply is more acute, such as in the United States and Europe, or where customers perceived the advantages of these systems more quickly, Such as the countries of northern Europe and Japan. As store platforms are easier to use and Internet connections are faster, customers can access richer shopping experiences with display of images and videos On the products, building custom shopping lists and feature comparison systems that make the whole process more enjoyable and practical. Also in deliveries the trend promotes ease, with the possibility of receiving the product at home, or by email, as in the Practical Ticket.

"Shopping online prevents trips to the shops and the traffic queues. The possibility of choosing between products is guaranteed and in the end the order can be delivered through several options "

Having a world of shops available without leaving home is a scenario that electronic platforms such as the Internet and mobile phones have brought users, who can jump from store to store easily and quickly, choose among the various products, compare features and Prices, and make the payment easily.

Online shopping has entered the habits of many Angolans who, like Internet users around the world, have realized the advantages of the convenience and convenience of being able to shop 24 hours a day and choosing the best-selling stores and the most appealing prices without Be limited to the merchant on your street or neighborhood. The global scale applies here effectively and in many products there is no big difference between buying within the same city, country or continent. The question of convenience and convenience adds to the ease of comparing products and prices. Just use a search engine or visit three or four stores to find the best, most complete and guaranteed offer of after sales service or assistance.

"Buying a product that is chosen in a well-built and easy-to-use site, paying for and receiving the order either at home or by e-mail brings obvious benefits to users who want to take more advantage of the convenience guaranteed by electronic means"

As in a shop, also on the Internet, the buying process consists of choosing the product, checking features, placing in the shopping cart and going to the cashier to pay. In the same way, you can give up before payment, abandoning the purchase or a part of the chosen products. The same procedure applies to the platform of the Practical Ticket, the customer chooses the ticket, makes the registration, makes the payment (know how to make the payment), and receives the ticket by e-mail.

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